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Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Non-Asbestos Gaskets :

To the layperson the term non-asbestos might seem a little broad. After all it either is or it is not asbestos. Although this is true, it helps to understand where the term comes from.

For decades asbestos was used in gasket material. It provided a technological leap at the time when finding a material to handle over 200 F was challenging. Most gasketing prior to asbestos was natural rubber, plant fiber or a blend of both. The replacement of vegitable fibers (cotton, hemp, juete, flax, etc) with asbestos gave gaskets the ability to handle temperatures to 500 F and if quality asbestos was used above that.

Just in any product available there are many various of quality, as there are grades of asbestos. The basic determining factor for quality is the length of the fibers. Long spinning grade fibers from Canada, and African blue asbestos were the best grades, and were utlilized in the better grades of gasket material and cut gaskets.

The largest world wide producers of asbestos gaskets materials were, Johns Manville, Klinger, Garlock, and Durabla Manufacturing.

When replacement products were generated by Garlock, Klinger and Durabla Manufacturing, they were titled "Non-asbestos". So in our industry, products that are produced that use to contain asbestos, but no longer do are titled "Non-asbestos".

Non-asbestos Gaskets as "soft goods"

Non-asbestos gaskets are also refered to as "soft goods". Because many gaskets are or contain metal, soft goods generally means without metal and able to be cut with a common steel rule die.

Non Asbestos Gaskets*

We cut Non Asbestos Gaskets from all the major manufacturers materials including, Garlock, , JM Clipper,, Dx Seal, RM, John Crane, Durabla Manufacturing, Thermoseal, Gasket Resources Inc., or any of the private, import, branded, or unbranded styles. We can cut your gaskets using waterjet, knife edge cnc, laser, or steel rule dies.

Non-asbestos gaskets cut to your dimensions.

  • Aflas sheet gasket material


    We cut gaskets from Aflas sheet gasket material. Aflas is an elastomeric based flouorubber, a copolymer of tetrafluroethlene and propylene.

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  • EPDM Cut Gaskets


    EPDM gaskets provide excellent chemical resistance*, and good electrical properties. This material meets ASTM D-2000-2BA specifications.

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  • Nitrile Gaskets

    Nitrile Gaskets

    We cut Nitrile Gaskets (also called Buna-N) from any of the following Nitrile gasket materials. Nitrile-N Gaskets Good resistance to many oils and chemicals.

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