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Fish Paper Cut Gaskets

Fish Paper Gaskets


Fish Paper Cut Gaskets 

We cut gaskets from fish paper sheet gasket material to produce fish paper gaskets.

Intended for electrical applications involving high dielectric strength, plus good forming and bending qualities. Applications include all types of armature slot insulations, arc shields, coil insulations, insulation washers, and formed specialties.

Fish Paper Gaskets cut to your dimensions.

  • Aflas sheet gasket material


    We cut gaskets from Aflas sheet gasket material. Aflas is an elastomeric based flouorubber, a copolymer of tetrafluroethlene and propylene.

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  • EPDM Cut Gaskets


    EPDM gaskets provide excellent chemical resistance*, and good electrical properties. This material meets ASTM D-2000-2BA specifications.

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  • Nitrile Gaskets

    Nitrile Gaskets

    We cut Nitrile Gaskets (also called Buna-N) from any of the following Nitrile gasket materials. Nitrile-N Gaskets Good resistance to many oils and chemicals.

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